Terms and conditions
These conditions govern the use of online services and the purchase of all the articles presented on the website www.paeseshop.it in the natural and legal person who represents it, and therefore must be fully accepted by the user / customer / buyer at the time of use or purchase of the same.


By registering with our newsletter service you accept to receive promotional e-mails from Paeseshop.it, the data will be treated confidentially exclusively for commercial use of the products and services offered on Paeseshop.it and will not be transferred to third parties.

If you are not already registered for the Newsletter service, you can do it at any time. Simply enter your e-mail address in the BOX Newsletter on the site and confirm, an e-mail will be sent to the address you indicated with a link to confirm the registration. . You can also register or unsubscribe after registering on the site by simply inserting or removing the tick in the appropriate box located in the Account settings.

Invoice receipt

The prices shown on the site are valid only for direct online purchase; For each purchase, a regular invoice or receipt will be issued which will be provided by the seller and placed inside the package. If for any reason it has not been included in the package, it will be sent via e-mail to the customer's registration address as permitted by law. .

No responsibility can be attributed, in any way, to X-Webcommerce di Aniello Alessandro in the event of non-delivery of the tax document, incorrect or incomplete or unauthorized data provided by the Seller for and all the activities carried out through it.

Prices and product information

Prices and product availability are subject to change without notice; texts and images are provided by the respective manufacturers / importers for the sole purpose of illustrating the products.

Expected shipping times

Despite having constant updating and monitoring of warehouse availability, sometimes due to the numerous requests or other for some products, shipping delays may occur which we usually resolve in a short time, the customer can still contact the reference seller at any time to request information. more precise. Paeseshop.it disclaims any responsibility, however it undertakes to keep the site updated and promptly correct any errors found.

Registration on the site

The user can register at any time, it is not allowed to register twice, to register you must have a valid e-mail address and give your consent to the processing of data according to the methods indicated on the privacy page.

The user agrees to provide truthful information; it is not allowed to register unless you are of age and in full possession of your faculties it is also not allowed to register by providing data of third parties, whether it is a different person or legal entity (except , in the latter case, of users registered in the name and on behalf of the aforementioned entities by an authorized person).

Registration must be considered completed from the moment the user receives the e-mail verification message via e-mail and activates his account.

The user is responsible for his access credentials and undertakes not to provide them to third parties or disclose them in any way.

The user is required to check, integrate and keep up to date the information of his account, by clicking on "My addresses" and promptly updating the data therein where necessary.

The user can give or withdraw, at the time of registration and at any time later, his consent to the sending of newsletters and messages containing promotional offers by Paeseshop.it, by sending an e-mail to newsletter @ x-webcommerce. it and express the will to no longer receive any type of message or simply from your account by removing the check mark from the appropriate box that manages its function.

The user can request the cancellation of his account, or to request information on the processing of data in the manner indicated on the privacy page, by sending an e-mail to legal@x-webcommerce.it and expressing his wish to cancel the account.

Online sales responsibility

X-Webcommerce di Aniello Alessandro is in no way responsible for the purchases made in the Seller Stores present on Paeseshop.it and through the network marketing used to advertise the related products. Each Shop Seller assumes full responsibility for sales made through Paeseshop.it and must guarantee to buyers all the rights provided by law for online sales and all the regulations on this page terms and conditions.

Customer Support X-Webcommerce

X-Webcommerce di Aniello Alessandro ensures the presence of only professional Sellers with VAT on the Marketplace and through the network marketing used to advertise the related products.

If you have a problem with a purchase you can contact the Seller and request assistance (Delivery Times, Details, Return of the product, Refund Request, and anything else you intend to communicate to the Seller). Send the request through the appropriate function "Send a Message to the Seller".

In general, the Seller will respond quickly by offering you a solution. It is also possible that he will ask you to provide more information.

If within 8 days you do not receive any reply you can contact us and ask us to intervene:

Paeseshop.it provides a complaints section at the following address https://paeseshop.it/it/contact us where through a specific form you can send us any complaint regarding a problem with a purchase and that you were unable to resolve with the Seller Shop .

Within 48 hours we will evaluate a quick and better solution to resolve the problem.

Transport and delivery of products

The ordered goods will be sent by carrier to the buyer's address, or to the destination chosen at the time of the order.

Paeseshop.it disclaims any responsibility for the transport and delivery of the products purchased from the Sellers present on Paeseshop.it, the transport and delivery will be carried out through primary national and international couriers and will be managed under the responsibility of the Seller who will sell the product. In Italy, the goods are normally delivered within 2 working days from the time of shipment (3 days for the islands). The estimated delivery times are however highlighted at the time of the order and indicated in the seller's profile; for Italian customers the goods can be delivered exclusively in the Italian territory; for foreign customers, the goods will be delivered according to the regulation in the country of destination.

The goods are delivered by road and free port; in the case of bulky items, we advise the buyer to carefully evaluate the measures of the goods to verify their effective transit through doors, entrances and corridors; if in doubt, you can request more information before proceeding with the order.

The buyer undertakes to provide as complete and accurate information as possible about his address, and to collaborate with the Seller Shop and with the courier in order to make delivery of the goods possible; in particular, in case of difficulty or non-delivery, the buyer is required to promptly inform the Seller Shop; any unexpected costs of storage, storage, delivery, return to the sender, etc. they can only be charged to the buyer at the discretion of the Seller Shop.


If the goods ordered on Paeseshop.it were to be delivered outside of Italy you may be subject to import duties and taxes, payable once the package reaches the specified destination. Any additional customs clearance costs will be at your expense. We are not in control of these costs and cannot predict the amount. Customs policies vary considerably from country to country and you should therefore contact your local customs office for further information. Please also keep in mind that, when you place orders on the site, you are considered as an importer and you are therefore required to comply with all the legislation and regulations of the country in which you will receive the goods. Your privacy is important to us and we know that you care a lot about the way your order information is used and shared. We would like international customers and customers who ship products abroad to be aware that cross-border deliveries are subject to opening and inspection of products by customs authorities.

Withdrawal with reservation

The signature with reservation is a RIGHT of the recipient, which unfortunately must be asserted: although the goods, once scrupulously checked, are packaged with the utmost care, it is possible, albeit rare, that damage occurs during transport. We strongly advise the buyer to pay the utmost attention, at the time of delivery, to the conditions of the delivered packages: in case of damaged, tampered, visibly open and reclosed packages, not perfectly sealed, rattling of broken glass, or in any case in case of doubts , we recommend that you always sign the delivery note subject to scrutiny, as permitted by law.

BY OMITTING TO PROCEED IN THIS WAY, the Sellers will unfortunately not be able to help the Customer in case of problems or in any case they will be very limited especially for very expensive products if there are the requirements as described above always signed with reserve.

In case of damaged goods then, do not worry: if you have followed the normal practice of signing with reservations, simply contact the Seller and follow the instructions to reach a quick solution to the problem, whether you opt for replacement or for reimbursement.

Customer and Community Comments

The inclusion of comments on shops and products featured on Paeseshop.it is not subject to prior approval and is neither moderated nor monitored. Paeseshop.it is in no way responsible for comments posted by users, which cause any damage to the image, decorum and reputation of the Shops and Products listed on Paeseshop.it. The comments service offered through Paeseshop.it is accessible without guarantees of any kind, both explicit and implicit, and Paeseshop.it does not carry out any control on the topics covered and their relevance to the topic. X-Webcommerce by Aniello Alessandro is not responsible for the behavior of users who do not comply with the provisions (offensive, insulting, polemical, vulgar, outrageous, disrespectful, defamatory or inciting to illegality messages, which bear threats, damage, defame or insult other users or third parties). Each user who inserts a comment on the Stores and Products present on Paeseshop.it, therefore accepts full individual responsibility for the texts entered by him within the comments.

Paeseshop.it does not guarantee in any way the accuracy of the questions and relative answers of the Stores and Products comments service. All questions and answers are given by the customers and the owners of the relative seller shops. It is the responsibility of the members of the Paeseshop.it Stores community to determine whether, how and to what extent it is legitimate, legal or simply appropriate to propose questions and their answers. Paeseshop.it therefore asks for the utmost attention and is not held responsible for the truthfulness, usefulness or availability of any information transmitted. Paeseshop.it users who consult the services offered by the Seller Stores must therefore be aware that some contents may not be appropriate, and Paeseshop.it is not considered responsible for losses or damages directly or indirectly deriving from compliance with the responses.

Brands Logos and images

All trademarks, logos and images on the Paeseshop.it site belong to their respective owners.

By sending the data of your site or personal data via email or insertion forms present in Paeseshop.it, or by registering on the platform you accept all the regulations on this page Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Conditions.

Product warranty

All products sold on Paeseshop.it are covered by a Legal Guarantee. The buyer who makes a purchase on Paeseshop.it for any reason regarding the legal guarantee of the product purchased must contact the seller with whom he concluded the purchase directly. The Seller of the product under Warranty will take charge of the request and assume full responsibility for the management and application of the Legal Guarantee. X-Webcommerce di Aniello Alessandro is in no way responsible for the Legal Guarantee and any other type of Guarantee for the products sold by the Seller Shops present on Paeseshop.it.

Terms and conditions, right of withdrawal and privacy

The user hereby accepts the following regulations:

-This page Terms and Conditions.
- Right of withdrawal at the following link.
-Privacy at the following link.

Rules on items for sale

These rules, although they may seem numerous, allow you to make Paeseshop.it a better and safer place. To avoid problems, check and respect these rules when you are selling an item. We know that sometimes those who violate the Rules on Paeseshop.it do so in good faith. If the sale of the object is not prohibited, it is often sufficient to modify the advertisement to adapt it to our guidelines.

Violation of the rules can have a number of consequences, including:

the closure of the advertisements;
Charges for closed listings.
Limitations on account privileges.
loss of the status of Seller Account;
suspension of the account.
When there is a violation of the Paeseshop.it rules, the seller and the bidders are informed by email of the closure of the advertisement. Learning the Paeseshop.it rules on listing before selling an item will help you avoid unintentional infringements (and violate the law). The Rules for listing are updated to meet the needs of the platform, the Community and for security reasons. It is therefore important to periodically check whether changes have been made.

Forbidden objects

These are items that cannot be sold in any way:

For adults only
Drugs and related accessories
Items subject to embargo and countries to which export is not allowed
Firearms and cutting weapons
Identity documents, licenses and government uniforms
Hazardous materials, subject to restrictions or regulations
Items that encourage illegal activities
Devices for breaking locks
Mailing list and personal information
Rules for medicines and personal care products
Offensive material
Law enforcement related objects
Salable drugs on presentation of a prescription
Prohibited services
Stolen items

Restricted items

These are objects that can be offered for sale only under certain conditions:

Animals and wild animal products
Artifacts, antiques, tomb objects and characteristic of the country's culture
Used clothes
Used cosmetics
Counterfeit currencies and stamps
Credit cards
Electrical and electronic appliances
Tickets for shows
Slot machines
Organs, remains and human organic material
Plants and seeds
Objects withdrawn by the manufacturing companies
Equity securities and other transferable securities
Travel and Vacation

Objects potentially harmful to the rights of others

These are objects that could infringe copyright or trademarks:

Presentation of the Intellectual Property Rights Rules
Exemption clause on authenticity
Bootleg recordings
Essential copyright information
Items delivered in digital format
Objects that allow duplication of material with copy protection
Objects that incite intellectual property infringement
Modchip, game enhancer and boot disks
Perfumes and cosmetics
Recordable media
Replicas, counterfeits and unauthorized copies
Software rules