If you have a problem with a purchase?
1 - You can contact the Seller
To request assistance (Delivery Times, Details, Product Return, Refund Request, and anything else you wish to communicate to the Seller). Send the request through the appropriate "Contact" function that you find on the Seller Profile page.
Generally, the Seller will respond quickly and offer you a solution. It is also possible that it will ask you for further information.

2 - If you do not receive any response from the Seller?
If you do not receive any response within 8 days, you can contact us and ask us to intervene:
Paeseshop.it provides a complaints section at the following address https://paeseshop.it/it/cont us where, using the appropriate form, you can send us any complaint regarding a problem you had with a purchase that you were unable to resolve with the Seller Shop .

Within 48 hours we will evaluate a quick and best solution to solve the problem.